Lunch Talk with Pekka Nikander from ELL-i

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This week our guest is Pekka Nikander who is one of the founders of ELL-i. ELL-i is a two months old co-operative aiming to transform the non-mobile smart appliances industries with a new organisational structure.  In his lunch talk, Pekka Nikander slows down your sandwich munching through demonstrating the ELL-i open source hardware and software platform, telling stories about both the technical and organisational ideas behind it. If he succeeds in fascinating your System 2 brain cells enough to bring your jaw muscles to a complete halt, he may get a little bit exaggerating towards the end of the talk, engaging you into an entertaining vision of combining open innovation, disruptive innovation, crossing the chasm, contagious STEPPS, and local LETS-like currencies. He even might try to lure people like you into investing your precious time towards a common good through the co-op, so be careful!